The Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute is a virtual Institute that brings together and supports all facets of cancer research in Atlantic Canada. Our researchers are all working toward the same goal: To save lives and ease the burden of cancer on individuals, families and society.

Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute (BHCRI) is named in grateful memory of the late Mrs. Beatrice Hunter, who in 1999, bequeathed $12.5 million to the Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation for cancer research, in memory of her parents, Dr. Owen and Mrs. Pearle Cameron.  

BHCRI supports collaborative research among researchers from all disciplines, including: fundamental lab‐based, clinical, behavioural, population, policy and psycho‐social.

BHCRI uses a virtual institute format to create robust multidisciplinary team efforts to discover: the causes and means of preventing cancer; more effective ways of detecting, diagnosing and treating cancer; and better ways of taking care of cancer patients.

BHCRI is committed to increasing the capacity of cancer research by supporting, promoting and training the next generation of cancer researchers.  

The strength of the BHCRI is that we bring together donor organizations and we are not in direct competition with those organizations.